Monday, May 24, 2010

Return to Sender

Struck a sort of bargain with Dad; if I do some serious yard work (I mean like moving rocks, weeding their one acre yard full of weeds ect. ect.) that he'll give me money to paint my bathroom and perhaps a little extra for shopping. Not exactly looking forward to moving rocks (mother wants a rock garden and a rock lined pathway) but it's better than nothing. and I REALLY want my bathroom painted. Still sucking at the job search. Like, really, there isn't anything out there. Have decided to give my body over to volunteering again, this time at the Special Collections in the school library. Stupid of me, really. I completely forgot about that place; and the fact I have connections. I took two semesters of Book Arts from one of the professors who helps out there so hopefully they will consider me as a volunteer. and if not it's off to the historical society OR the park.
Sliding into the inevitable birthday zone and finally I think some of the anxiety is wearing off a bit? other than bemoaning 'there goes my youth' hey it ain't so bad right? ha ha.
That's my next goal; find work before I'm 30. God, what a sad statement. that's it, i'm depressed again.

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