Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So I Lied

In state of crisis, more or less. Now that the summer months are upon me an overwhelming feeling of desperation has taken over. I'm really not happy with how my life turned out. NONE of it I planned for and for most of it I floundered like a retarded goldfish out of my bowl. What does it mean to be thirty? What it means to me isn't what it means to other people. I'm not traditional, my life isn't traditional. My mind-set is still stuck at about 24 and I feel like...this is it. Once I hit 30, it's over with. Nothing will ever happen to me. I'm not young, I'm not worth anything if I can't be twenty-something and 'hot'. Whose going to want to date the old chick? and now that I think about all the online dating sites I've seen all the men in my age group are all divorced with children looking for sex, basically, nothing more.
I feel like I should just resign myself to sitting in the basement and watch anime for the next ten years.
Crap, I need a decent job.

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