Sunday, May 2, 2010

when the morning comes

I have officially hit the stir-crazy, cabin fever stage of being sick which I suppose means I'm better. Actually I am better; I feel perfectly fine except for being a little tired. Am also feeling the repercussions of watching paranormal tv shows all weekend; every little sound my house makes me twitch (and say, 'what was that!? did you hear that?!') even though I've lived here for nine years and it's a normal a house as can be. I actually had a lot of fun watching Destination Truth for a while, then after watching about ten or twelve shows I got tired of the staged paranormal junk and the cursing and decided it would be a much better show if they just focused on traveling, culture and cultural myths instead of trying to 'prove' the yeti really exists.
Twitchy brain tonight AND am missing social contact. The parents stop by for a couple of minutes for the last couple of days to make sure I have food but don't stay because they don't want to be sick either. Don't know what the friends are up to; all working I suppose.
Played Lora Craft for a while. It's a little frustrating because it was originally meant for playstation but I have an Xbox so it says 'press R' and there IS NO R, okay!?
Being alone all the time also gives my mind time to prey upon my fears of the future as well and snowball my anxiety towards finding meaningful work into terror that I'm going to end up in a doomed existence, checking out snotty customers for the rest of my life. I wish I were back in school. At least I knew the rules there.
and didn't have idiotic bosses taking their frustrations out on me.
May, huh? wow, sure came fast. A little faster than I expected. Nearly one year since I graduated.
Also watched, have been watching, the first season of Chuck. Isn't that like the everyman's wish? Boring, thankless job by day, superspy by night. Funny how many of those types of shows there are. Reminds me a bit of Wonderfalls. I really loved that show. Damn Fox for canceling that (and Firefly!!).
This is obviously becoming a meaningless rant in the vast endless supply of meaningless rants on blogs so I guess I'll wrap it up and go read a book or something. sigh.

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