Friday, March 26, 2010

There's No Escape

Why is it even in a week when GM is not at the gallery I can't escape her? The Director just called telling me she was going to be in today and to make sure the computer is turned on. Exceeeept GM does not have me scheduled on Friday because another intern needed 100 volunteer hours this semester so she is supposed to be there on Fridays and that's what I told the Director. Except now I'm thinking this is yet another example of GM's sterling communication skills. Am now waiting for another phone call, this time from GM accusing me of not being there when she told me to (when in fact she didn't tell me). So okay, steel yourself for confrontation; she clearly said that someone else would be there on Fridays. She has me scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. She did not clarify the schedule this week, just said show up. It's not a big deal if they want me in today but I don't want to be bullied for her mistakes. Or hell, screw it I'm busy - let them deal it. I won't even answer the phone. Have a looooovely weekend, I'm running away.

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