Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day One

Actually isn't too bad so far. Parents left at seven in the morning (dropping off the car for me to use, heh heh). Still in flight, I think. They will probably be getting to where they are going around six this evening. Actually went to volunteering today and am aggravated but smug. Why would that be? I spoke up for myself today. Man, that chick has a memory like a sieve - I tell her something specific like 'I will come in on Thursday at 2:00pm' and when I show up she backpeddles and says you didn't say you were coming in, I didn't hear you say you were coming in, I didn't know you were coming in today. I feel like writing it on her hand or something- 'will be here 3/4/10 at 2:00pm'
so that threw her for a loop, that I actually showed up without calling her and after repeating 'I didn't know you were coming' for the fourth time I actually said to her face 'I said I would be here'. Oh man, did I get a look.
So she dithers and can't make up her mind whether she wants me to help put out food for the reception tonight so I sit for an hour and wait for her to come back to tell me 'ok, go ahead and help put out food'.
A step forward in being assertive even if it's a small step. (I've never seen anyone obsess over tiny details like this before. who CARES if I did or did not say I was coming, I'm here give me something to do or send me home.
Hand-made a pizza for lunch so I'm not hungry. Thinking about how to fill the evening - maybe I'll start on the basement. Don't have to come back to the gallery until Tuesday. (Thank God, I think I filled my dealing-with-crap quota for the day)
Tomorrow I want to make some sketches at the musuem and buy myself a Starbucks (its like a twice-a-year treat thing seeing how overpriced it is)
keep busy, keep busy, keep busy.

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