Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Last Night

Dinner tonight is courtesy of the college and the corner gas station because I didn't feel like cooking (and my food supply is starting to run low). You can imagine my disappointment that the chinese place on campus apparently was closed (?) not open until six (?) and I had to settle for a turkey wrap and fruit salad. I was planning on buying a frozen dinner at the gas station but all they had was super nasty, greasy type foods (and it was expensive!!) so I just bought myself some more milk and went home (it was really cold, anyway). ahaha, I snagged someone's chocolate pudding from work - so that's dessert.
It wasn't that bad of a weekend. I was planning to go out and do all these things but it was cold and rainy so I just went to my club and had a great time with all the gals there. I can see why women make groups and get together every month - there is something really comforting and wonderful being with ladies of all ages and backgrounds, all intelligent and creative and supportive. I felt like 'one of the gals' and its sad but I haven't felt anything like this for years. If I can raise the money one of the ladies and I made a pact to take a printmaking class in the fall together.
The snarky, not so nice part of me also noted how nice it was to deal with women who aren't wrapped too tight and prone to biting my head off for imaginary wrongs. GM wasn't there today at the gallery and it was a sweet, sweet boring day without the screeching. Don't know about tomorrow or Thursday.
Well, I survived the week. Now I have to make plans for the spring.

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