Monday, March 22, 2010


See what happens when you get busy? You forget to blog and two weeks go by. Sheesh. Ahhh, let's see. On the Thursday the parents got back I wrangled some time to visit with a friend and unabashedly shared my confusion and anger concerning GM and came to the conclusion that for some unforseen reason she just doesn't like me. Weather is nicer, things are starting to green up, it's windy, got work tomorrow and last week was spring break so the gallery was closed.

Never spent a more superbly sublimely boring week in my life; didn't do anything at all. Starting to get gentle pressure again from the parents to start the job hunt again. I really plan to start work by May, which isn't too far away but first I feel I need to stick with the gallery at the very least until the semester ends (May). Interesting family things, visiting brother in Arizona in April and there is a family reunion in September. sigh. I hate those things - I was 25 the last time we had one and I can't say much has changed except I have a degree (that ain't worth much at the moment). I remember the last time I saw my aunts; 'pretty girl like you will have no problem getting a boyfriend'. Is that a subtle hint?
Hummm, welcome to my non-changing, boring life.

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