Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Small Things

Muse has come out with The Resistance and I don't care what the reviews on Amazon say; I freakin' love it.

Monday it was seventy degrees. Yesterday it was forty degrees. Last night it snowed and by Halloween its going to be back up to seventy.

I have a morbid fear of trapping my fingers in the needle of my sewing machine and inexorably sewing my fingers together.

Why is it all the art/craft stores in town are located in terrifying neighborhoods? The sewing center I went to yesterday is on First Street; where all the meth addicts live. I overheard one customer ask the cashier if she was afraid of drive-by shootings.

I have a kick ass costume for halloween but I will more than likely be handing out candy to little kids rather going to any parties (most consist of alcohol and unimaginative 'sexy' costumes that are all the rage with women nowadays - sexy nurse,cat,nun,piratess,witch,enter feminine occupation here, freaking girl scout, strawberry shortcake. Can you tell this is a major source of aggravation for me? I feel a rant coming on)

I watched and read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The story by Washington Irving is, as always, a wonderful classic that makes me laugh everytime I read it (and gives me the desire to go to the east coast to see what Fall looks like over there) and the short film by Disney which I watched once when I was six. Fascinating what makes an impression on young minds; before watching it again my memory was of Ichabod's grapefruit cranium and the end of the film when the flaming pumpkin was thrown. What a great film.

Friday is an event I await for all year long - the county library book sale. A warehouse full of used and new books all super cheap. They give you shopping carts to fill up with books! I have found so many wonderful things in the eight years of going (and now have run out of room for all my books - someday I'll have money to buy more bookcases but for now my books will have to live in boxes). Some of my favorites are all the 'old' books (published 1950 or before; I found The Sheik dated 1922 (I think) for a quarter) with all the beautiful bindings, gold leafed pages and decorated spines. I need a whole bookcase dedicated to old books. I also love all the odd things you come across; the oversized book of MacDonald's Happy Meal Toys, craft projects from 1964, the book of superstitions, True or False; urban legends, Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Hmm, I could go on for a long time. Anyway, looking forward to it.

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