Monday, November 2, 2009

I Wish Halloween Wasn't Over

Not that I did much; handed out candy to kids (yaaay...). This reinforced my idea that little children are something like little monsters. One got a handful of candy from me and then said , 'can I have more?'. One reached right over into my candy basket and helped himself. One asked for a piece of candy for his dad (which I gave him) then asked for one for his pet, his mother, his sister ect. ect.
amusing but at the same time, seriously little children? Five pounds of candy isn't enough for you?
What was weird was that there were a lot of 'grown up' kids. Like I open the door and there's this six foot guy with a scraggly beard, some sort of costume consisting of hobo clothes and blood and he sort of grunts, 'hey' at me.
I think today I'm just really tired of dealing with people. People who cut you off on the freeway so they can ...get to the grocery store with thirty seconds to spare? People who cut in line (seriously, three times today) and finally to my immense joy the rental next door got rented out to YAY college students who stand on the front porch, stare at me and smoke while I do yard work.
This is not a loving humanity sort of day.

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