Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Jitters

Been away for a while; close to a week. This is what I get for not reading labels; made calzone with store bought pizza dough and now I'm sitting here with a headache and anxiety - the pizza dough is made with sulfates which sets off the anxiety. and it occurs to me AFTER the fact that I could have made home-made bread and not get this reaction. Oh, stupid me. God, this sucks - the feeling like your teeth are set on edge for no particular reason. I guess I should drink some water or something.
But the calzone was freaking awesome.
Stayed for five days or so to take care of my mom, who after recovering from surgery is susceptible more than usual to colds and the like so she's sick. Kind of an interesting feeling taking care of cooking and cleaning for the old folks - guess I was spoiled as a kid. The good news is my cooking is picking up. I can do several dishes that taste pretty good and include some form of vegetable.
Staying at the parents house also means there isn't much to do so I spent most of the time hand stitching things and practicing sewing which is getting slowly better. Trying to get together a stock of plushies for Etsy. Not doing so well on the book/story. Eh, it comes and goes but I did discover old writing that I did some years ago about pirates that was hilarious. Maybe I'll post it here later ( I had no idea I was so funny)
Hoping that on Sunday I will be able to attend a D&D meeting at a friends house. Not that I have a great interest in it but it strikes me as something potentially entertaining in a mean sort of way (I never said I was nice). Observing other socially inept idjiots pretend to be something else for a few hours.
The job rather nonexistent. The university is only hiring campus police right now (seriously, out of the ENTIRE campus with 17,000 plus students the ONLY opening is 'campus police')
Perhaps tomorrow I'll scan the online wanted ads again to see how nothing has changed since the last time I looked. This is it for now unless the anxiety doesn't lesson in which I will be back to whine more or possibly post pirate story.

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