Monday, November 30, 2009

They Once Sounded Right and Rare

Once more back in my house brooding. Brooding isn't fun and it doesn't get you anywhere but its' hard when you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. Thanksgiving; my folks n' me and my grandfather. About all that's left of the family because everyone else is too busy with their new families and cheating spouses to bother to invite us. Couple of jobs listed at the U neither in my field; both asked for a major in English or Journalism in which I am wishing I had gone into instead of art. Who the hell wants an Art major? Trying to get together with a friend to go see an exhibit at the musuem except she's busy with work, haha. Both of graduated college and now I'm unemployeed and she's working at Payless Shoes. Fun world this is. Don't know how long of an entry this will be; no heat in the house except for the space heater and I am brooding. Which is no fun because I am swimming with loser vibes like, 'why aren't I a famous millionare yet?' and other realistic goals like, 'why haven't I published my One True Masterpiece yet?' and thus gaining famous millionare status. Maybe I should write about my dreams with sparkly blood suckers and become an instant success. Or maybe tap into the solid neurosis of the teenage girl mind and spit out plenty of angst/sexual themes and supernatural drama and BINGO! I, too, can be a writer.
What the hell, at least then I can avoid getting a job bagging groceries or ringing up customers and annoying the hell out of them with, 'have you signed up for our super-special discount customer service package? Do you want to? do you? do you? do you?'
While shopping, my mother was actually greeted at World Market with, "What's up". The hell? If I said that to a customer in my retail days my boss would have taken a chunk out of my hide and nailed it to the wall. There was strict protocol that included being neatly groomed, no visable tattoos, treating the customer with respect and manners. Of course this being ten years ago maybe things have changed drastically.
Could you imagine spending your eight hours asking over a hundred customers, 'do you want a membership' over and over and over when all you're doing is ANNOYING THEM?
All right. Angst rant is now over.

List for tomorrow:

-Mail in request for volunteering
-get Paypal squared
-walk to school, check boards for work
-look for jobs again online

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