Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Folly's of Biology

So I had my PMS moment which allows emotions that kind of run around your brain develop into screaming hissy fits as noted the previous entry.
I am better now.
Went to my craft group at the school and its really really nice to be back in the studio with people that I know, doing things that I love. I offered up free labor services out of love (and the fact I'm not doing anything else with my life) so there's some volunteer work for me. (that looks good on resumes right?)
I hate how everyone I know is more successful than I am. I get to hear who worked where with what big name, and who is having an art show and has a million dollar grant to some art school and who's kicking my ass in the rat race of life.
Didn't I say I wasn't going to wallow anymore? Oops.
Temperature has gone down only about forty degrees since Thursday. I love how it transitions gently into winter here, har har.

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