Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October Folly's

Spent a few days preparing for a garage sale. I've never done a garage sell before; my dad has this thing about people looking at our belongings, they'll get the overwhelming urge to rob the house....or something. So my mom and I managed to haggle him into it only on the account that one) we have all of items on the driveway, with the garage door closed and two) we keep it short - eight am to noon.
Turns out we overestimated it. My parents neighborhood consists mostly of school aged children and retired people and the things we were selling (girl things - bed sheets, planters, clothes, kitchenware, books, some of my leftover craft things) were exactly what people were NOT looking for. It was amazing; people would swarm by the dozens onto our driveway, LEAP out of the car only to do an about face and scramble back into their cars and drive away.
All in all I sold about twenty dollars worth of things and the same for mom (the crafts did surprisingly well and I sold two t-shirts). So about ten-thirty and after some guy slunk up to our driveway in his pick-up truck, peered out of the windshield, saw a distinct lack of tools and other manly objects he kicked his truck into reverse and went screaming down the street back into the wild blue yonder we took the hint and loaded things into my car and dropped them off at a thrift store.
Wrong kind of people to sell our artsy fartsy things to although I was surprised at the books, I thought people loved to browse through books (hell, I do) we sold ONE BOOK!
Been spending time reading every Barbara Michaels I can find at the local libraries, watching all three (and some of season four) seasons of Heroes (in consequence developing squealing fan girl crush on Zachary Quinto) aaaand came to several (exciting!) decisions;

1. I don't have a hope of finding a decent job at the moment
2. I have enough talent in making things that I can sell things on Etsy
3. I'm going to write a book (have joined the Nano movement for November)

The never ending exciting times of My Life. its raining.

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