Tuesday, September 14, 2010


As an alternative source of income I decided to bring some things in to the local junk shop to sell. It was kind of funny. The lady in charge of selling had a hard poker face. I had some decent things to sell, not high grade antiques (if that were the case, they would be sold on Ebay) but trinkets that were worth a few dollars. Once nice vintage lamp with ceramic flowers with a shade. 50's cocktail picks, vintage metal frames ect. ect. What did she say?
Well, first she sat in her chair in total silence while I piles things on the counter. She takes her time rifling through then says, 'there isn't anything here that's really high quality' in a totally flat voice. She flicks a couple of things away saying they aren't worth anything then heaves a big sigh and says, 'well. I could give you fifteen dollars for this, and that's being generous'. must be a stock line for buyers (how often to you hear Rick say that on Pawn Stars?)
Well the great thing is I didn't spend more than a buck for each of those items (some less) so from five bucks or so I got a ten dollar profit. Beans, but beans I didn't have before.
You know the horrible part? She's going to drive those prices up three/four times what she paid me. That seems to be the way of pawning/selling.
God I need a job.

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