Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines and Glass

Slowly progressing to an equalibrium within the gallery; on Friday I managed to get my times screwed up and showed up nearly an hour late to the great digress of GM. and I have to admit I'm probably driving her to an early grave with casual screw-ups. (which is an even stranger thing because I'm usually a very competent person) I still get the feeling she looks at me like a retarded three-year-old. Today was better. They found someone to conduct calls so the pressure is off for me to go around telemarketing local businesses into giving up the goods. (which also leads me to wonder if they hired someone specifically to do these calls why did they have me do it in the first place and let me screw it up?) This little community within the University is strangely connected; I keep running into people I've 'known' (had classes with) for the last three years. One of the happiest things is that I get to work with other local talent and maybe find my chance to get a break into the art world.
Cleaned up the storage unit downstairs, rifled through boxes and drawers and found that the university keeps records of every show they've have since 1960. So I got to see some awesome trippy posters from the 60's and 70's (even though I was supposed to be sweeping). Turns out this year is the 50th anniversery of the gallery. Also found the Theatre's collection of vintage clothing (noo, I didn't try anything on. most of it was dead animals anyway). It's sort of a strange thought that the things I was tidying up in that storage unit have been around longer then I've been alive. Looking at the dates was interesting; I was thinking 'this year I was still in High School' and 'this year was when I had to go into counseling'. I'm sentimental like that.
Towards my last hour GM was actually interested in having a conversation with me; so we actually talked. We do have some things in common - we both love tea and be careful of what we eat and we both have strict feelings about financial responsibility. Also saw gender difference in the workplace close up (I watched a video about this in Gender and Society a year ago). Women tend to treat everyone like they are on an equal level.
Ex. today GM was telling me what needed to be done (mailing letters, cleaning floor, putting dishes away in staff room kitchen) then she burst out and said, 'I'm not trying to boss you around, it just really needs to be done'. Trying to reach to me as an equal where as if it were a male dominated staff I would have recieved orders, been expected to get them done and report back for more without a fuss (hierarchy). Iiinteresting. I think I'm more comfortable with the hierarchy approach. If you're the boss you tell me what to do and I'll do it. Maybe it's all those years in J.R.O.T.C.
Also looking into finishing a drawing for the Valentine Auction (deadline is Saturday). This is a big event of the year seeing how these donations and profits will fund the gallery for the rest of the year. I kinda wish I were getting paid for this but at the same time I guess you can't expect work to be fun like this. Well, sometimes it's fun. And sometimes interesting. Most of the time so far I sit behind a desk in the gallery and make sure people don't poke the art work.

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