Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Digging your way out

Another short post; having dinner guests coming over soon. So after my fantastic fall to the bottom of the barrel the next day I went back out to the University to talk to my advisor to beg-er ask for something anything to do in the Art department and he said go and see if the gallery needs volunteers. So I did. And they did. and I'm actually doing something with my time now even if it doesn't pay. Today was the first official day 'working'. I figure this is like training wheels for getting a 'real' job. Volunteering will get me used to getting out of the house and working with other people BUT if I panic or freak out it's not a big deal if I say 'gotta go, see ya' when volunteering not like with a real job if you said, 'see ya' there is a good possibility you wouldn't have a job anymore. So today. This morning before I went in, of course, I was anxious. It's always that way when I go into something new (even though this is more like new/old because I've practically lived in the art department for the last four years) but the second I met up with the manager she had me dragging wooden podiums from storage to paint for the new exhibit which opens next week.
Then I spent a cheerful two hours labeling 141 hand-crafted books. It was freaking awesome even if it was backbreaking (two hours of squatting and standing) and I completely ruined the outfit I was wearing (haha, stoooopid; whaddya expect when you paint things?). I come back tomorrow to do office work, like calling people and bugging them to donate things. Oh, AND I get to enter something in the Valentine show coming up. I'm all connected now and it's awesome.

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