Thursday, January 28, 2010

Of Peace and Quiet. and Not.

More discoveries made today that may help in the future; when dealing with someone with whom you do not get along with it is better to just avoid that person all together(if possible). Tried appeasing the head-chewing beast with a recipe for roasted red-pepper and hummus dip (she's a vegetarian) and for a couple of days got good behavior. Also manned the gallery this week mostly by myself and found I rather liked it.
I like the serenity of the gallery and the quiet dim lighting. I like being surrounded by pretty objects. I like greeting the people who come in and being able to tell them all about the current exhibit and see how much they like it. What I think I like the most is that not only am I allowed to screw around on the computer for three hours if I want, I can sit there and read or sew or draw and its fine as long as I keep an eye on the gallery.
I like meeting all these new people in and around the school.
All this is in great contrast when GM shows up. Have decided either GM is a tightly strung individual or has bi-polar. I was hoping it would be just me again so I could get some sewing projects done while I gallery-sat but Director, as she was leaving, mentioned GM was showing up to do some shopping for upcoming auction event. Appeasing the beast only works briefly, it seems. On one hand she's super nice; complimenting my outfit, gushing over the cuteness of my sewing project, thanking me profusely for being here and helping out but on the other hand she has her 'snap' moments. This is my favorite GM moment of the day:
Sitting in the employee lounge we were going over the sheet listing artists who were donating art pieces for the auction. First GM asks if my hand-writing is decent because she can't stand other peoples handwriting if she can't read it, then said never mind because many people would be writing on the list so I guess it doesn't matter?
Then we have a nice little skermish on how exactly should we keep track of all the artists, art pieces and how to number them. So I thought the logical thing to do was to number each artist on the list 1 to 100 straight down but as I penned in number 6 GM lets out a screech of 'DON'T DO THAT!!!' making me pause in a sort of shocked awe that someones voice could have that sort of penetrating quality. Another scuffle ensues that I should have automatically known that she wanted to number the artists as they came in to drop off art pieces and NOT assign them numbers before hand. Then she decides oh what the hell, let's just number them now but not in my handwriting and we throw the first list out and reprint it with the numbers.
My second favorite GM moment of the day was meeting her boyfriend who reeked of cigerettes and was the tall, Gumby type. I see lots of those types nowadays; six-four, in desperate need of caloric intake, all skinny arms and legs. I always wonder how in the world they manage to look like an emaciated scarecrow; don't men eat these days? Anyway, I got to suffer through the love-dove syndrome of watching those two go 'i love you' *smack* 'no i love YOU' *smack* 'noooo, I love you!'. seriously. I was happy to get out of there.
Tomorrow we are taking down the current exhibit and taking in donations from 2 - 4. Am hoping that in being surrounded by many people GM will be slightly's the phrase I'm looking for? Not so tightly wrapped, two-faced, ankle gnawingly nuerotic? Seriously, the only other people that have ever screeched at me like that (for something so minor too) are family members. Not entirely certain what to do about her. Will consider super glueing her car keys to the desk or something more creative. (no not really)
But you know my parents took me out for sushi tonight so that made me super happy.

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