Thursday, December 31, 2009

Upon Which the Author Meets With People

Expecting my ride to the grocery store in a moment so not a long post? My social week; yesterday a Friend came to visit and we went to Starbucks and the local junk/antique shop in which we were Horrified and Amused by frightening atrocities lurking in the murky depths. My favorite being (and I hope to God I get a picture of this) is the 1960's Christmas Macy's window display that looks like an acid trip gone bad (and by the way, I DID get a picture of it). There certainly is an endless fascination with junk/antique shops that I can never quite explain to other people. Its like a treasure hunt without knowing what exciting or awesome thing you'll come across. And I have to admit I have things that nobody else has; I'm unique that way. So day out with friend was success; got Starbucks coffee, went shopping and hung out and played Princess Maker having a fun time trying to corrupt my little girl into being an overlord of darkness. It was awesome.
The next day (yesterday?) brother and girlfriend came to visit and now I feel like a boob with all of my insecurities; she's pretty cool. So brother played X-Box while we talked, they brought over (haha) more Starbucks and had another nice social visit.
Saw awesome fireworks from my window, made rice balls and calzone, working on art things and over-all not a bad New Years.

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