Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is it Any Wonder Everybody Hates Us?

Reality shows disturb me. People thatlove reality shows disturb me in the fact they take it for face value. The people behind reality shows are corrupt, flesh-eating maggots that will have a very special place in the afterlife. Especially so for whatever hateful subhuman pimp bastard that thought up Bad Girls Club.
Seeing that its on Hulu I've watched a few episodes now and my happy place for humanity has been violated.
I just can't get behind the reasoning of this show. I mean, I get it - it boils down to money and people pay for sleazy entertainment. Sex sells, that's the bottom line of selling. But if you really slice behind the neuroticism, the anger, hatred, cat fights, boozing and reprehensible behavior you have a show that is entirely corrupt and should be yanked from the air waves.
Firstly is the flimsy, failed excuse of 'helping' (HAHAHAHA!!) these young women by...putting a rag-tag group of emotionally disturbed, in severe need of some kind of therapy, drunken, skeevey, scraping the bottom of the barrel, if you can even call them, ladies in a mansion with alcohol and sharp objects then let them stew until explosion occurs. Because who doesn't like a cat fight?
There is so much hatred for women involved in this show is makes me sick. It makes me sick someone would even think this up to begin with. This is on the level of such extraordinary corruptness I don't even know where to begin. The cheap and meaningless sex? Zero morality of any kind? The fact that these behaviors that are termed 'bad' for a reason are put into the spotlight as something sought after? That this show has incredible popularity only eggs on the general public to believe that they, too, should be a 'bad' girl?
That this is the America I live in, that this behavior is now being grounded into young women as something good - that over and over and over the roommates constantly attack one another and say they aren't 'bad' enough to stay in the house. The same house, supposedly,that was supposed to 'help' these women with their issues. This behavior sickens me. Women are taught to be catty, hateful and backstabbing - that being a 'bad' girl is good when in fact all it does is cripple you in the long run. How far can you expect to get in life when your repertoire includes alcohol poisoning, pole dancing, STDs, and backtalk? The fact that the network recruits these women and uses them in this way for entertainment is sick.
I've heard the entertainment industry was corrupt but the Bad Girls Club drives home how far we have fallen as a nation.

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