Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It could be wrong

Pulled my head in for a while. Odd isn't it, that emotion gets locked up inside me? isn't that the point of this stupid journal? Release the emotion! Vent with the pen! (or blog. whatever). The year marches on, month four of volunteering means its time to move onto the next step. The job hunt. Already been striking out. The world of the the web sucks ass for job seeking. Everything in this area has to do with truck driving, the medical industry or manager type positions - nothing in my area, nothing I would remotely want to do or even qualify for. God, this sucks. Which means I have to start making a list of every company small and large in the city and start prostrating myself for a job, any job, God someone give me a job.
I wish they paid me at the gallery. I wish I didn't have to become a cashier jockey, I wish I didn't have to wear an apron with my name on it, I wish I had a job that I actually wanted to go to, I wish I belonged somewhere already, I wish I knew more people. I wish my college wasn't going under water and could actually afford to pay their volunteers. I wish the local gallery had an opening and wasn't standing on it's last leg for money. Unhappy at the moment, back in the same situation as last fall - getting nowhere looking online for work, really REALLY not wanting to hit every store in the city for a job any job and ending up with a truly shitty job that will make me hate every waking moment of my life.
Crap. Here goes, huh?

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